Altera Spas

The world's only patented COLD to HOT Tub Spas & Swim Spas,
invented and crafted in Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.

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The world’s only
AnyTemp® TrueZone®
dual zone Swim Spas.

Contrasting HOT and
COLD (62°-104°F) therapy,
swimming and exercise
outdoors anywhere, anytime!


True Zone™ OLYMPIC Dual Zone Swim Spa

True Zone™ OLYMPIC Swim Spa
Image shows fewer therapy jets than included on this model.

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Whether you enjoy walking, exercising, training, swimming or relaxing with family and friends, a custom crafted Atera  AnyTemp® TRUE ZONE™ Swim Spa provides the features you require to meet your skill level and patented independently controlled AnyTemp® dual temperature zones.
The AnyTemp® True Zone™ Olympic Dual Zone Swim Spa is our most powerful, top of the line dual zone design for competitive and aggressive swimmers, complete with the ultimate aquatic therapy spa.   Advanced dual zones feature the ultimate AnyTemp® Full Cycle® Therapy Spa and a separate AnyTemp® adjustable endless River Swim current. 
AnyTemp® True Zone™ Olympic Swim Spas are unlike any other swim spa or swimming pool!

The True Zone™ Olympic Dual Zone Swim Spa is unlike any other therapy spa, swim spa or swimming pool! 

Size: 191”L x 91”W x 51”D

Dry Weight: Approx.: 2,800 lbs.
Filled Weight: Approx. 20,000 lbs.

True Zone™ FITNESS Swim Spa

True Zone™ OLYMPIC
Dual Zone Swim Spa

True Zone™ Olympic Swim Spas are perfect for intermediate to advanced swimming skill levels and all who will benefit from the ultimate Full Cycle® Therapeutic massage after a strenuous swim or exercise work out.  Choose one or two AnyTemp® Systems for the ultimate contrasting therapy and train hard outdoors in separately controlled True Zones™ providing perfect temperature water all year, in any climate!


Control: AnyTemp® Simple Set®

AnyTemp®: 62° F to 104° F, indoors or outdoors, min. 30° variable to ambient

Seating: Comfortable for four adults, Upper Back Seat, Lower Back Seat, Full Back Seat & Full Body Lounge

Pumps: (2) 5 bhp therapy pump

Therapy Jets: Full Cycle® Therapy, (30) Adjustable & Interchangeable Ultimate Power® Jets, Six (15) Extra Large, (18) Large

Valves: (2) Water Diverter, (2) Air Controls

Light: (1) Large Adjustable Multi Color LED

Filtration: 50 sq. ft. Easy Clean Cartridge

Electrical Requirement: 220V, 30A without AnyTemp® System , 50A (with AnyTemp® System)


Control:  AnyTemp® Simple Set®

AnyTemp® Range:  62° F to 104° F, indoors or outdoors, min. 30° variable to ambient

Seating: (1) Corner seat

Pumps: (3) 7 bhp River Current pumps

Jets: (3) Adjustable Ultimate Power® (9” Blade) River Jets

Valves: (2) Air Controls

Light: (1) Large Adjustable Multi-Color LED

Filtration: 75 sq. ft. Easy Clean Cartridge

Electrical Requirements: 220V, 50A (with AnyTemp® System)

Options: All Others Options Available

Olympic Option

Options: All Others Options Available

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The hot only configuration is what all other brands offer!

ONLY exclusive, patented AnyTemp® Cold and Hot Swim Spas provide perfect 365 day comfort in any climate and ONLY exclusive and patented AnyTemp® True Zone® Dual Zone Swim Spas provide controlled contrasting Cold and Hot aquatic therapy year round!

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