Altera Spas

The world's only patented COLD to HOT Tub Spas & Swim Spas,
invented and crafted in Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.

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The world’s only
AnyTemp® TrueZone®
dual zone Swim Spas.

Contrasting HOT and
COLD (62°-104°F) therapy,
swimming and exercise
outdoors anywhere, anytime!


True Zone™ TRAINER Dual Zone Swim Spa

True Zone™ TRAINER Swim Spa

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Whether you enjoy walking, exercising, training, swimming or relaxing with family and friends, a custom crafted Atera AnyTemp® True Zone™ Swim Spa provides the features you require to meet your skill level and patented independently controlled AnyTemp® dual temperature zones.

The AnyTemp® True Zone™ Trainer Dual Zone Swim Spa features the exclusive Full Cycle® Therapy System with interchangeable and adjustable Ultimate Power® Therapy Jets and three adjustable swim lane Ultimate Power® River Jets.  Two optional AnyTemp® Chiller & Heater Systems are available, providing perfect temperature fun healing therapeutic water and outdoor swimming 365 days a year in any climate!  

The AnyTemp® True Zone™ Trainer Dual Zone Swim Spa is unlike any other swim spa or swimming pool!

Size: 191”L x 91”W x 51”D

Dry Weight: Approx.: 2,800 lbs.
Filled Weight: Approx. 20,000 lbs.

True Zone™ FITNESS Swim Spa

True Zone™ TRAINER
Dual Zone Swim Spa

The AnyTemp® True Zone™ Trainer Dual Zone SwimSpa is designed for competitive and aggressive swimmers and includes a Full Cycle® Therapy Spa System.  Perfect for most families, it features good aquatic therapy, gravity free exercising and is perfect for medium to advanced skill level swimmers. 


Controls: AnyTemp® Simple Set®

AnyTemp®: 62° F to 104° F, indoors or outdoors, min. 30° variable to ambient

Seating: Comfortable for four adults, Upper Back Seat, Lower Back Seat, Full Back Seat & Full Body Lounge

Pumps: (1) 5 bhp therapy pump

Therapy Jets: Full Cycle® Therapy, (20) Adjustable & Interchangeable Ultimate Power® Jets, Six (6) Extra Large, (14) Large

Valves: (1) Water Diverter, (2) Air Controls

Light: (1) Large Adjustable Multi Color LED

Filtration: 50 sq. ft. Easy Clean Cartridge

Electrical Requirement: 220V, 30A (with or without AnyTemp® System)


Control: AnyTemp® Simple Set®

AnyTemp® Range: 62° F to 104° F, indoors or outdoors, min. 30° variable to ambient

Seating: (1) Corner seat

Pumps: (2) 7 bhp River Current pumps

Jets: (3) Adjustable Ultimate Power® (9” Blade) River Jets

Valves: (2) Air Controls

Light: (1) Large Adjustable Multi-Color LED

Filtration: 75 sq. ft. Easy Clean Cartridge

Electrical Requirements: 220V, 30A/50A (with AnyTemp® System)

Options: All Others Options Available

Trainer Option

Options: All Others Options Available

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The hot only configuration is what all other brands offer!

ONLY exclusive, patented AnyTemp® Cold and Hot Swim Spas provide perfect 365 day comfort in any climate and ONLY exclusive and patented AnyTemp® True Zone® Dual Zone Swim Spas provide controlled contrasting Cold and Hot aquatic therapy year round!

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