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The Cornwell's Atera Spa Review Letter


February 20, 2014

Dear everyone at Atera Spas,

We want to thank you for all your help choosing the perfect spa for us, the AnyTemp CTS8 certainly fits the bill.  We’ve had several hot tubs over the years and everyone in our family agrees this has been by far the best overall experience.  

Having the ability to keep the water 80-85 degrees all summer was truly amazing and allowed us all to continue to use it year round.  In the past we’ve shut down all our other hot tubs once the summer temperatures reached above 90 degrees since sitting in 100 degree water was not much fun when it’s already hot out.  Your cooling system worked flawlessly and it was surprisingly economical as well.

In the past we have always used chlorine or bromine to purify our water but always struggled with keeping everything in line.  We don’t know how your choice water enzyme treatment works but it certainly does the job and couldn’t be easier.  We have not had to drain it since we installed it last summer and since we are experiencing a drought here every drop of water saved helps.

Thank you for always being very responsive to our calls and answering all our questions during the initial start up phase.   We have already sent you several new customers that have also purchased from you and one of them got a cold and hot swim spa.  We’ve been invited over by our friends to try it and we’ll do so next time we’re visiting with them in Oklahoma.

Please feel free to use as a referral at any time and thanks again for inventing a great year round therapy spa, my old sore muscles appreciate it as does my wife’s arthritis. 

Dan Cornwell & Family (all five of us)
Livingston, Texas

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