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The Hochhalter's Atera Spa Review Letter



Thank you to everyone at Atera AnyTemp Spas!

You’ve all been so helpful answering our constant flow of questions… We appreciate that all of you have been doing everything in your power to make sure we are over the top pleased with our new swim spa.  We’ve learned so much from your family of staff and are truly thankful that we picked Atera! We feel truly blessed to have worked with you folks, who have always only been a call away when we didn’t understand something, as new swim spa owners.

We are up here in chilly, wet Washington State where it rains approximately 300 days a year and we have an average of 44 inches of rain per year. I’ve been enjoying my swim spa for about 6 months now and friends and family have come over ‘just for a quick swim’ and are enjoying it as well. I keep the water temp at 95 in the winter and a little cooler in the summer.  

I had a semi private room built around the spa so we can access the spa from the house without having to go outside. We took out a huge window and turned it into a slider and added two more sliders to the room so we could access other areas of the yard from the ‘pool room’ or vise-versa. 

My wonderful husband (since 1981), Greg whom takes care of everything for me, as I’m riddled with health issues, added the really cool extra lighting for ambience, a fan for when it gets too hot, and propane heaters for when it’s a bit cool out there and all run on remote so I can do everything myself when he’s at work! (he’s a keeper!!). Now ladies, if you hubby doesn’t heat your towel in the dryer like mine does for me, you have some training to do... 

Our grandson’s and their families love to come over to play at our house, or ok maybe just to go in the swim spa … ha ha ha a little of both really. It’s just the right size to swim and play with the boys, or just relaxing in a spa by myself or with my husband! 

The spa jets are good for my back and the swim jets are helping me to get much stronger every day. 
We enjoy this wonderful addition to our home, virtually every day - even in the nastiest, windiest rainiest storms, and freezing temperatures! 

If you’re reading this and are thinking about a swim spa, take it from me, I did all the research (months of it) this is the swim spa for people with sensitive skin, health issues, and newbies to spas and swim spas!
I suffer too much sensitivity to the chemicals in public pools. Also if you’re in an area where it rains (or snows) a lot, you can have a covering or enclosure installed and swim all year like us!

Thank you again everyone, we just love our swim spa!



Julia Hochhalter

Wounded Warrior
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