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The John and Jan's Atera Spa Review Letter

1- 12-17
Hi All,
Happy New Year!  I already did a review with pictures some time ago but thought you might enjoy this update. 
My wife and I purchased a cold and hot CTS 8-44 spa last November. Now that we have used the spa on an almost every night basis for the past year, I thought I would send a follow-up review. As I said in my first review, I researched spas for two years before we purchased our spa from Atera and the time spent was well worth it!

My wife and I use the spa almost every night and we are really glad we decided to go with Atera! The spa has been perfect for us and we were very happy that we had the chiller this summer just to keep the spa usable in those stretches of 110 plus degree days here in Arizona.

We prefer to keep our spa around 102 degrees and there is no way we could have kept it there with the hot weather this summer. We were gone for a few days this summer and I turned the chiller off for a few days and when we got home the spa was at 109 degrees. I turned the chiller on and by that evening we were sitting in 102 degree water.

We keep a sun sail over the spa and I have the EZ three plan with our electric company so I try to make sure the spa isn’t heating or chilling between 3-6 on weekdays, but I was surprised when I hardly noticed a change in our electric bill after the spa was delivered.

Finally, the water treatment system is simply amazing. My wife has issues with fluoride and chlorine/bromine so no chemical fumes is a huge plus. Our spa is crystal clear and for two of us using it almost every night, I only put in about 5 drops a week at the most. If people come over and the spa gets a work out, then I add a few more drops.

So…thanks again Atera for a truly superb spa that we get a ton of enjoyment from!
John and Jan Haugen, Gold Canyon, Arizona

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