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The Klein's Atera Spa Review Letter


To any prospective clients of Atera Spas:

My wife and I did extensive research and decided on purchasing a therapeutic swim spa for our home here in the high desert of southeast Arizona.

Our original contact was with Cindy, who patiently spoke to us by phone for almost an hour, explaining the various features their swim spas had to offer, all without any of the typical “pressure” other companies have tried to “force down our throats!” after our initial contact.

We made a day trip to their showroom in Glendale in order to “test swim” the swim spa that they have, and again, there was no pressure to “sell us”.

Seeing how Chuck invented and holds a patent on the “water chiller system”, which enables one to not only heat, but chill the spa, investing in an Atera Spa was a no-brainer.

The build took 8 weeks, and at 11am on Friday, October 17, 2014, the swim spa arrived at our house.

After being craned into our yard and set up, an uneventful afternoon and evening was spent filling....our swim spa needed 2000+ gallons of water.

The next morning, upon initial start up, an electrical/mechanical failure occurred having to do with a pressure switch on the heater.

We were somewhat devastated to say the least, but here’s why, on top of being the only manufacturer in the WORLD to offer the water chiller and heater, you should look no further than Atera Spas if you are in the market for either a swim spa or hot tub.

On Saturday, we called and spoke with Chuck’s wife Cindy, then their son Josh, and then one of their employees in their factory called us even though the factory was closed, and at first a replacement part was going to be shipped to us, but we wouldn’t get it until the middle of the coming week.

Chuck then proceeded to phone us and inform us that he was going to personally bring us the parts needed to repair our swim spa that afternoon!

After a 3 hour one way drive he arrived, the new part was installed, the “initial start up” was completed, the new part was adjusted, and our swim spa worked great!

The first word in “customer service” is “customer”, and Atera Spas has proved that they really put their customers FIRST, and they go out of their way to do so.

We are looking forward to many years of enjoying our Atera AnyTemp swim spa.

Thank you!

Paul & Michelle Klein

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