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Scott Piper's Atera Spa Review Letter


Dear Chuck & Atera Team,

I've said it before and I'll say it guys ROCK! You CONTINUE to provide the best customer service I have ever encountered, and I have lived all over the world. Thanks again and I'll give you a call tomorrow to get that freight paid.

Wish Atera the BEST,
Scott Piper
Las Vegas, NV




Dear Josh and the Atera Team,

I’m a retired military man and have lived all over the globe. We’ve had a hot tub or spa at several locations the last 12 years. We retired in Las Vegas and with the weather here, we thought our spa days were over. While we had a spa, it was unusable for several months during the summer heat. And frankly, I was tired of trying to keep all the chemicals balanced as well (very hard water).

We wanted a pool, but our yard is too small. I had been looking at swim spas for years as I like to swim laps, but we couldn’t justify the expense knowing it wouldn’t get used for several months in the summer…who wants to swim in 105 degree water???

That’s when I came across the Atera web site. I had never even heard of a spa that cools water. The idea of having a spa that we could use all year brought me back into the market. But a swim spa is a major purchase and buying one online, without seeing it, made me very uneasy. And frankly, I won’t buy anything if solid customer service isn’t part of the deal.

When I first spoke with Josh, I felt better immediately. Josh answered all of my questions, and there were a lot of them, quickly and professionally.

We’ve had the spa for about 6 weeks now and we use it almost every day. It was 110 outside last week, but the water was a perfect 86 degrees. My wife and I even bought some floats and treat it like a small swimming pool. All of the controls work perfectly and the lighting system is great.

My steps were sent without hand rails. I called Josh and got some more of their outstanding customer service. They paid to have the steps fixed immediately.

I have the Trainer model swim spa. The river jets put out enough flow and pressure and with practice we’re getting better at staying in place while we swim..

Thanks again for an amazing year round swim and therapy!

Scott Piper
Las Vegas, NV

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