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The Stevenson's Atera Spa Review Letter


Dear Chuck & Staff,

I wanted to take an opportunity to "thank you'' for delivering to me the best spa made in America!

As you remember, I researched almost every spa on the market over a two year period.

I gave Atera Spas high ratings for:

  1. the ability to cool and heat the spa within an approximate 30 degree air to water variance.

  2. the soft and contemporary design as I wanted a spa that would blend in the environment and not be over pronounced when entering the yard.

  3. the well developed location and placement of the jets so that each seat is especially designed to treat a different area of the neck, back and hips.

  4. each jet has a valve so each can be adjusted to the amount of flow that is suitable to our needs

  5. there is enough room to do water exercises, that I do daily

  6. the LED lights and water fall are more than relaxing to watch, they're almost hypnotic

  7. entrance and exiting design of the spa limits the possibility of a fall

  8. the ease of set-up was terrific and maintenance with Atera's Choice treatment is almost care free

  9. your friendly service and quick response time to my needs continues to ensure me that I made the right decision

  10. the spa is FUN!

After several months now I am still in the spa, twice sometimes three times a day and night. I can take the cover off and back on by myself.

I like the automatic shut-offs and the temperature adjustment is so rapid and efficient. My electric bill increased about $20. a month, which is very reasonable considering my neighbors with pools carry an extra $45 to $50 a month for their pools, and that is without heat.

After use of the spa, I find my chronic leg and back pain are less pronounced and at times not present.

Thanks again! I was very fortunate to find such a caring individual to help me with the entire process.

I will be happy to speak to anyone who might be considering your spa as I only receive good things from it.


Kenn Stevenson

Wounded Warrior
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