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Atera Spa's Client Friend Review Letters

We hope you enjoy reading these Atera AnyTemp Spas, Swim Spas & Hot Tub reviews, referral letters and recommendations from our client friends. We are honored to custom craft exclusive products in America and our mission is to always provide exceptional service!

Please click directly on their name to read their letter or just scroll down to read them all.

RICH & KAREN - Anthem, AZ • Trainer Swim Spa • 11/17
JOSEPH & DONNA - New Hampshire • AnyTemp VS7-35 • 8/16
CHRIS & LORI - Anaheim, AZ • Thera-Pool Swim Spa • 7/16
JON & CARRIE - Reno, NV • TrueZone Trainer Swim Spa • 7/16
J. HOCHHALTER - Bonnie Lake, WA •Trainer Swim Spa • 2/16
C. FLOYD - University of the Ozarks, AR • AnyTemp SL5-18 • 4/15
MIKE & DONNA M. - Sun City, AZ • AnyTemp CTS8-44 • 6/15
ALAN J. - Las Vegas, NV • AnyTemp DL8-69 • 2/16
JAY H. - Salt City, UT • AnyTemp VS7-35 • 2/15
- Sierra Vista, AZ • Fitness Swim Spa • 10/14 JONATHAN & DALE S. - Glendale, AZ • AnyTemp CTS8-44 • 10/14
GENE & LINDA P. - Phoenix, AZ • AnyTemp CTS8-44 • 6/14
TIM B. - Scottsdale, AZ • AnyTemp DL8-69 • 5/14
LISA C. - Charlotte, NC • AnyTemp DL69 • 2/14
MICHELLE L. - Cave Creek, AZ • Swim Spa • 2/14
JOE & ERICA - Innsbrook, MO • AnyTemp CTS8-44 • 12/12
JOHN & TIINA - Globe, AZ • AnyTemp VS7-35 • 6/13
- Keller, SC • AnyTemp DL8-69 • 2/13
MARY LOU O. - Keller, TX • AnyTemp CTS8-44 • 5/12
ESTEBAN P. - Osprey, FL • (2) AnyTemp VS7-35 • 5/10
SHERYL C. - Decator, GA • DL8-69 • 10/10
GARTH & DEBBIE C. - Goodyear, AZ •VS7-35 • 5/13
SCOTT & LORI A. - Anthem, AZ • AnyTemp CTS8-44 • 4/10
JOE & ANN K. - Sueprise, AZ • CTS8-44 • 3/11
JEFFREY C. - Palmatto, FL • AnyTemp DL8-69 • 9/12
JOE & MARY R. - Prattville, AL • AnyTemp CTS8-35 • 9/9
ALAN & REGINA H. - Kerville, TX • AnyTemp CTS8-35 • 8/9
LARRY & JOAN V. - Surprise, AZ • AnyTemp VS7-24 •2/8
DEBBIE & CHET B. - Tuscon, AZ • AnyTemp CTS8-44 • 2/11
RICH & DEBBIE P. - Peoria, AZ • CTS-44 • 4/12
THOMAS & ERIN N. - Anthem, AZ • AnyTemp CTS8-44 • 3/12
- Glendale, AZ • AnyTemp CTS8-35 • 2/10
DAVID B. - Peoria, AZ • AnyTemp CTS8-44 • 4/11
GARY & PATRICIA G. - Litchfield Park, AZ • CTS8-44 • 4/10

- Goodyear, AZ •7/16
JONES - Goodyear, AZ •7/16
JOHN & JAN H. - Gold Canyon, AZ • AnyTemp CTS8-44 •3/16
K. CHAMPION - Gulf Port, FL • True Zone Trainer Swim Spa • 11/15
SHAPIRO - Glendale, AZ • AnyTemp CTS8-44 • 1/15
CYNTHIA C. - Scottsdale, AZ • Trainer Swim Spa • 1/16
- Las Vegas, NV • Trainer Swim Spa • 1/15

- Scottsdale, AZ • AnyTemp DL8-69 • 5/14
DICK & LYNN O. - Goodyear, AZ • Fitness Swim Spa • 8/14
TOM & BONNIE K. - Anthem, AZ • AnyTemp CTS8-44 • 5/14
ALLISON & JEFF H. - Phoenix, AZ • AnyTemp DL8-69 • 10/8
DAN C. - Livingston, TX • AnyTemp CTS8 • 2/14
GIL & JAN Z. - Sun City West, AZ • AnyTemp CTS8-4l • 6/13
FRANK FAMILY - Key West, FL • AnyTemp CTS8-44 • 3/13
JUDY & Al K. - San Carlos, Mexico • VS7-35 • 4/13
VICKY F. - Maricopa, AZ • AnyTemp CTS8-35 • 12/6
KEN H. - Newfoundland, Canada • DL8-69 • 8/12
GREG & RENEE J. - Belleville, IL • AnyTemp DL8-69 • 9/12
BOB R. - Manassas, VA • DL8-69 • 8/10
PATTY P. - Scottsdale, AZ • AnyTemp Swim Spa • 11/10
WES & FRANCES G. - Crave Creek, AZ • AnyTemp DL8-69 • 10/11
STEVE & PAMELA B. - Peoria, AZ • AnyTemp CTS8-35 • 8/10
KENN S. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL • AnyTemp VS7-35 • 6/10
MAX T. • AnyTemp DL8-69 • 9/9
JACK & VICTORIA B. - Miramar Beach, FL • SL7-36 • 12/10
PENNY W. - The Village, FL • AnyTemp CTS8-44 • 1/9
TED M. - Peoria, AZ • AnyTemp DL8-69 • 6/11
AARON S. - Phoenix, AZ
VIVIAN A. - Phoenix, AZ • AnyTemp CTS8-35 • 6/9
JEFF & NICOLE H. - Avondale, AZ • CTS-35 • 3/10
MITCH & LINDA P. - Peoria, AZ • DL8-69 • 11/8
JUDY & AL K. - San Carlos, MEXICO • AnyTemp VS7 •1/1


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Dear Josh, Chuck & Cindy,

After researching our options for a swim spa in the Phoenix area, we decided to purchase one from Atera Spas.

It has been a pleasure working with all of you since day one.  Your customer service, communication, patience, availability, and product quality have been great.  And you have tirelessly answered all of our questions.

Our swim spa was installed about four months ago.  We swim, exercise, and relax in it almost daily.  Purchasing our swim spa from Atera was definitely the right choice.


Rich and Karen M.
Phoenix, AZ



Hello Everyone at Atera!

We love our Atera AnyTemp Spa. We use it year-round. Fall, winter, spring; the hot tub soothes our "aches and pains" of doing hard but enjoyable landscaping on our property.

In the summer, we can set the temperature to cool, but not too cool, and take a refreshing dip. This summer has been particularly hot here in New England and we get relief in our Atera Cool Spa.

We have had several spas in previous homes, so I am familiar with different brands of spas. The Atera Spa, and the support the manufacturer has given us, beats my previous spas hands down.

The nontoxic hypoallergenic Clear Choice water treatment is unbelievable! Beautifully clear and refreshing water with no chemical smells or dry skin, because there the treatment is from natural enzymes derived from plants and minerals. With previous spas and treatments, I could almost bleach out a swimsuit in several months. Just think of what that was doing to my body. Not now. The ClearChoice treatment is like fresh water from a spring.

We put our spa under our hard top canopy wide open for the warm weather to view the flowers and landscaping that surrounds us. In the winter, the side curtains allow us to stay warm no matter what is going on outside. We have included some pictures of how the spa compliments our back yard.

Thank you again for your fine year round therapy spa and your prompt and professional service!
Best regards,

Joseph & Donna Jones



Thank you to everyone at Atera AnyTemp Spas!

You’ve all been so helpful answering our constant flow of questions… We appreciate that all of you have been doing everything in your power to make sure we are over the top pleased with our new swim spa. 
We’ve learned so much from your family of staff and are truly thankful that we picked Atera! 
We feel truly blessed to have worked with you folks, who have always only been a call away when we didn’t understand something, as new swim spa owners.

We are up here in chilly, wet Washington State where it rains approximately 300 days a year and we have an average of 44 inches of rain per year. I’ve been enjoying my swim spa for about 6 months now and friends and family have come over ‘just for a quick swim’ and are enjoying it as well. I keep the water temp at 95 in the winter and a little cooler in the summer.  

I had a semi private room built around the spa so we can access the spa from the house without having to go outside. We took out a huge window and turned it into a slider and added two more sliders to the room so we could access other areas of the yard from the ‘pool room’ or vise-versa. 

My wonderful husband (since 1981), Greg whom takes care of everything for me, as I’m riddled with health issues, added the really cool extra lighting for ambience, a fan for when it gets too hot, and propane heaters for when it’s a bit cool out there and all run on remote so I can do everything myself when he’s at work! (he’s a keeper!!). Now ladies, if you hubby doesn’t heat your towel in the dryer like mine does for me, you have some training to do... 

Our grandson’s and their families love to come over to play at our house, or ok maybe just to go in the swim spa … ha ha ha a little of both really. It’s just the right size to swim and play with the boys, or just relaxing in a spa by myself or with my husband! 

The spa jets are good for my back and the swim jets are helping me to get much stronger every day. 
We enjoy this wonderful addition to our home, virtually every day - even in the nastiest, windiest rainiest storms, and freezing temperatures! 

If you’re reading this and are thinking about a swim spa, take it from me, I did all the research (months of it) this is the swim spa for people with sensitive skin, health issues, and newbies to spas and swim spas!
I suffer too much sensitivity to the chemicals in public pools. Also if you’re in an area where it rains (or snows) a lot, you can have a covering or enclosure installed and swim all year like us!

Thank you again everyone, we just love our swim spa!



Julia Hochhalter



Dear Chuck & Cindy,

Thank you for helping me continue to strive for my dream!  The Cold and Hot True Zone Trainer Swim Spa that you so kindly personally delivered to me allows me to train at home every day, year round and that’s just what I’m doing.

I keep the swim zone 85 degrees and the spa zone 102 and that’s perfect for me.  Having this at home has given me the freedom to succeed in my dream of competing in the 2016 Paralympics.

I’m very grateful that you manufacture such an amazing product and that you took so much time to instruct me on the proper use and care, it’s so easy!

Please check out the chapter Tracy Libby wrote about me in the new book, Reporting For Duty, True Stories of Wounded Veterans and Their Service Dogs.  It’s even got a few pictures of me and my guide dog and companion George.

Thanks again for everything!  I hope to see you again very soon.


Lt. Col. Kathy Champion
Gulf Port, Florida



Dear Chuck & Atera Team,

I've said it before and I'll say it guys ROCK! You CONTINUE to provide the best customer service I have ever encountered, and I have lived all over the world. Thanks again and I'll give you a call tomorrow to get that freight paid.

Wish Atera the BEST,
Scott Piper
Las Vegas, NV




Dear Josh and the Atera Team,

I’m a retired military man and have lived all over the globe. We’ve had a hot tub or spa at several locations the last 12 years. We retired in Las Vegas and with the weather here, we thought our spa days were over. While we had a spa, it was unusable for several months during the summer heat. And frankly, I was tired of trying to keep all the chemicals balanced as well (very hard water).

We wanted a pool, but our yard is too small. I had been looking at swim spas for years as I like to swim laps, but we couldn’t justify the expense knowing it wouldn’t get used for several months in the summer…who wants to swim in 105 degree water???

That’s when I came across the Atera web site. I had never even heard of a spa that cools water. The idea of having a spa that we could use all year brought me back into the market. But a swim spa is a major purchase and buying one online, without seeing it, made me very uneasy. And frankly, I won’t buy anything if solid customer service isn’t part of the deal.

When I first spoke with Josh, I felt better immediately. Josh answered all of my questions, and there were a lot of them, quickly and professionally.

We’ve had the spa for about 6 weeks now and we use it almost every day. It was 110 outside last week, but the water was a perfect 86 degrees. My wife and I even bought some floats and treat it like a small swimming pool. All of the controls work perfectly and the lighting system is great.

My steps were sent without hand rails. I called Josh and got some more of their outstanding customer service. They paid to have the steps fixed immediately.

I have the Trainer model swim spa. The river jets put out enough flow and pressure and with practice we’re getting better at staying in place while we swim..

Thanks again for an amazing year round swim and therapy!

Scott Piper
Las Vegas, NV



Dear All at Atera Swim Spas,

You've earned fantastic reviews, a referral letter and more from us!

Your customer service went far above and beyond this morning. We are referring you to everyone and will definitely send you pictures of our new swim spa for your web site.

We can't thank you enough for everything! Your company has done so much more than sell us swim spa, as everyone has bent over backwards to ensue our family backyard dream has come to fruition.

Your team excelled in every possible way and we love our new AnyTemp Cold and hot Thera-Pool swim spa, it's obviously been kept COLD since it's awfully hot and humid right now.

We can't say enough great things about you and we'd be happy to speak with anyone considering doing business with you.

Thanks again!

Chris & Lori Hein
Anthem, AZ



To everyone at Atera,

We just wanted to let you know that we love our cold and hot DL double lounge spa! My wife and I use it every night just before bedtime and we occasionally get to enjoy it with our grand kids. It helps us unwind from the day’s work and tensions and gets us relaxed and ready for a good sound sleep.

We do have our house up for sale and if it sells we have to leave the spa behind but, my wife will only move if I am willing to buy another DL spa just like this one that stays COOOOL in the summer, what a fantastic feature and design. You’ll sell another one to us then.

We appreciate all your assistance and the prompt professional service we have always received. Thanks again!


Alan Joles

Las Vegas, NV



To Everyone,

Our Atera any temp hot/cold therapy spa was installed in November of 2014.

It looks great and our athletes love it! It is our most popular and talked about piece of therapy equipment. It is easy to maintain and it saves me a lot of work by having an easily available source of hot/cold therapy.

We also do a lot of full body cold plunges for recovery.

I am extremely happy that we chose to use an Atera spa for our therapy spa needs and I would recommend Atera Spas to anyone.


Thank you,

C. Floyd
Head Trainer

University of the Ozarks




Dear Everyone at Atera Swim Spas,

We wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we are enjoying our True Zone Trainer swim spa purchased this year.

From the minute we requested information on the website through delivery and set up everyone from Atera has been very helpful and professional.

The swim spa is of the highest quality and we have been immensely enjoying everything about it.

We would absolutely refer your company to our friends and family and have already done so. Attached are some pictures of our wonderful swim spa.

Thanks again for all your help and customer service you and your team provided.


Jon and Carrie Sieben
Reno, NV



To all spa shoppers,

We are so happy with our AnyTemp DL8-69 therapeutic spa.

We've had our spa now just over 3 months and enjoy it every single day. The exclusive chiller feature is incredible! When it’s 115 degrees outside we get in our 90 degree spa and how wonderfully refreshing it is!

Before the Arizona summer arrived, it was so great to end our day in our 101 degree spa. This spa is so perfect for us!

It is hard to believe that a couple drops of Atera’s Choice and rinsing filters once a week is all you do for non-smelling, great feeling, clear water! But, it's so true.

Josh, Chuck and Cindy, thank you so much. We really appreciate your patience, understanding and support in working with us in enjoying life with your therapeutic spa. Please use us as a reference. See attached photo and another photo sent separately.

Mike & Donna Maloney
Sun City, Arizona



To all spa shoppers,

We are so happy with our AnyTemp DL8-69 therapeutic spa.

We've had our spa now just over 3 months and enjoy it every single day. The exclusive chiller feature is incredible! When it’s 115 degrees outside we get in our 90 degree spa and how wonderfully refreshing it is!

Before the Arizona summer arrived, it was so great to end our day in our 101 degree spa. This spa is so perfect for us!

It is hard to believe that a couple drops of Atera’s Choice and rinsing filters once a week is all you do for non-smelling, great feeling, clear water! But, it's so true.

Josh, Chuck and Cindy, thank you so much. We really appreciate your patience, understanding and support in working with us in enjoying life with your therapeutic spa. Please use us as a reference. See attached photo and another photo sent separately.

Mike & Donna Maloney
Sun City, Arizona



To any prospective clients of Atera Spas:

My wife and I did extensive research and decided on purchasing a therapeutic swim spa for our home here in the high desert of southeast Arizona.

Our original contact was with Cindy, who patiently spoke to us by phone for almost an hour, explaining the various features their swim spas had to offer, all without any of the typical “pressure” other companies have tried to “force down our throats!” after our initial contact.

We made a day trip to their showroom in Glendale in order to “test swim” the swim spa that they have, and again, there was no pressure to “sell us”.

Seeing how Chuck invented and holds a patent on the “water chiller system”, which enables one to not only heat, but chill the spa, investing in an Atera Spa was a no-brainer.

The build took 8 weeks, and at 11am on Friday, October 17, 2014, the swim spa arrived at our house.

After being craned into our yard and set up, an uneventful afternoon and evening was spent filling....our swim spa needed 2000+ gallons of water.

The next morning, upon initial start up, an electrical/mechanical failure occurred having to do with a pressure switch on the heater.

We were somewhat devastated to say the least, but here’s why, on top of being the only manufacturer in the WORLD to offer the water chiller and heater, you should look no further than Atera Spas if you are in the market for either a swim spa or hot tub.

On Saturday, we called and spoke with Chuck’s wife Cindy, then their son Josh, and then one of their employees in their factory called us even though the factory was closed, and at first a replacement part was going to be shipped to us, but we wouldn’t get it until the middle of the coming week.

Chuck then proceeded to phone us and inform us that he was going to personally bring us the parts needed to repair our swim spa that afternoon!

After a 3 hour one way drive he arrived, the new part was installed, the “initial start up” was completed, the new part was adjusted, and our swim spa worked great!

The first word in “customer service” is “customer”, and Atera Spas has proved that they really put their customers FIRST, and they go out of their way to do so.

We are looking forward to many years of enjoying our Atera AnyTemp swim spa.

Thank you!

Paul & Michelle Klein


January 27, 2014

Bienvenidos a Mexico,

We're Enjoying our Atera AnyTemp Spa in Sunny San Carlos, Mexico everyday! The Atera's Choice water treatment system is nothing less than truly amazing. We filled the tub at the end of October and the water is still as fresh today as it was 5 months ago. PH and Alkalinity have been spot on all year without any additions of any other chemical. If you're bringing an Atera Spa to Mexico don't forget to bring along a Spa breaker as the wiring down here is a little different from the States.

Judy and Al K.


1- 12-17

Hi All,

Happy New Year!  I already did a review with pictures some time ago but thought you might enjoy this update.
My wife and I purchased a cold and hot CTS 8-44 spa last November. Now that we have used the spa on an almost every night basis for the past year, I thought I would send a follow-up review. As I said in my first review, I researched spas for two years before we purchased our spa from Atera and the time spent was well worth it!
My wife and I use the spa almost every night and we are really glad we decided to go with Atera! The spa has been perfect for us and we were very happy that we had the chiller this summer just to keep the spa usable in those stretches of 110 plus degree days here in Arizona.

We prefer to keep our spa around 102 degrees and there is no way we could have kept it there with the hot weather this summer. We were gone for a few days this summer and I turned the chiller off for a few days and when we got home the spa was at 109 degrees. I turned the chiller on and by that evening we were sitting in 102 degree water.
We keep a sun sail over the spa and I have the EZ three plan with our electric company so I try to make sure the spa isn’t heating or chilling between 3-6 on weekdays, but I was surprised when I hardly noticed a change in our electric bill after the spa was delivered.

Finally, the water treatment system is simply amazing. My wife has issues with fluoride and chlorine/bromine so no chemical fumes is a huge plus. Our spa is crystal clear and for two of us using it almost every night, I only put in about 5 drops a week at the most. If people come over and the spa gets a work out, then I add a few more drops.

So…thanks again Atera for a truly superb spa that we get a ton of enjoyment from!
John and Jan Haugen, Gold Canyon, Arizona


July 20, 2016

Josh at Atera Spas,

I just wanted you to know that your efforts assisting a veteran in getting a used spa were not in vain. I thought you would like to see the photo of the spa now that it has new sides, it's attached. It is working great and I have really appreciated having it and using it over the last six months. I am sure it will serve me well for a long time to come. The spa has often made the difference between pain & being able to function more like a normal person.
Thanks again for all your help!

A greatful Veteran,

Dane H.
Goodyear, AZ


January 22, 2016

Hi Cindy –

I took delivery of the swim spa this morning. First let me say thank you for everything. The swim spa looks fabulous! The delivery was exactly as you showed us on the computer and what a sight that was! I've never been up so close to such a large crane and I suppose it is different watching something that large being moved over your own house. It was a bit of a thrill which tells you that my life is pretty boring :) If you are interested I can send some pictures later of the delivery.

The electrician is coming this afternoon to do the hook up so as soon as it's full & heated I will be in it! Thanks again!

Best Regards,
Cynthia C.

Scottsdale, Arizona


October 3, 2014

Cindy Reynolds
6306 W. Bell Road
Glendale, Arizona 85308

Dear Cindy,

My wife Dale & I would like to say how pleased we are with our new hot tub and would like to thank you for your extraordinary patience with us as we decided which tub to purchase, shipping and what local service to use for delivering and setting it up. As first time spa owners we had myriad questions, which you kindly answered, even those that were answered in the owner’s manual! Thanks for guiding us throughout this entire process.

I must say that our hot tub has exceeded our expectations. We are in the tub almost every night and the relief from pain and consequent good nights’ sleep I am enjoying is remarkable. We are both very delighted at the benefits we are enjoying in such a short time. Being here in the Northeast, we are looking forward to winter in a whole new way, imagining ourselves in a steaming tub in the middle of a snowstorm. Now that is going to be fun!

Thanks again for all your help and a fabulous product. Please feel free to use us as references for any future buyers. If they are close enough, they can come by and take a look.


Jonathan Seda



Hi to All Prospective Clients,

We installed an Atera AnyTemp hot to cold swim spa this summer and cannot recommend this company and their product highly enough. They were fantastic to work with. Chuck and Josh Reynolds were very professional throughout the entire project.

Chuck invented this AnyTemp Spa eight years ago and has had great success with it, now we know why. Having the ability to exercise and swim year round at our chosen temperature (85°) is a great new concept in home aquatics.

Their spas are manufactured in Phoenix and shipped all over north and south America. It takes about 6 to 8 weeks to complete the build depending on how you customize your swim spa.

We would be more than willing to show and demonstrate to anyone who is interested how the AnyTemp Trainer swim spa system operates. We are on the Eagles Nest side in Pebble Creek development.

Below is a link to their website. Let them know we referred them for your fitness spa needs. This system has been installed in professional MLB, NFL and tennis training facilities and at several universities.

Just wanted to let you know that we do highly recommend them and that we are loving our swim spa.


Lynn and Dick Oehmann

Pebble Creek, Arizona



Dear Chuck and Atera AnyTemp Spas team:

We are so thrilled with our new spa! When we first heard of Atera Anytemp spas, we knew that when it came time to replace the old one, this would be our first choice. Although we’ve only had it a month, we are loving it so far. It’s already been over 110 and we are loving the cool refreshing massage therapy!

We wanted the spa in place for a big family event in May, and it was delivered and set up in plenty of time. Everyone who used it that weekend really enjoyed it!

We especially want to thank you Chuck for all your help with the set-up. You answered all our questions, and really went out of your way to ensure we have the perfect spa experience.

We have already recommend Atera AnyTemp Spas to a friend and we’re sure you’ll be hearing from them soon.


Gene and Linda Popard

Phoenix, Arizona



To whom it may concern,

The first time walking into Atera Spas we liked the atmosphere. No high pressure sales, just questions on what we needed to feel better. Chuck was very informative and seemed transparent about his products and the company. We liked the fact that it is a family owned business; therefore, the customer care exceeds that of other dealers in the industry.

We received the spa in a timely fashion and we followed the recommendation of using their preferred electrician. The delivery and set-up was a cinch, and whenever we had a question on what was supposed to be done next during the initial set-up, Chuck and Josh made themselves available, making the experience that much easier.

We have been using our new Atera Spa, with chiller and heater, every day since we got it and we are sleeping so much better and it gives us something to look forward to after a busy day at work.

It relaxes the muscles and eases the pain and discomfort quite a bit. Not to mention it adds a new dimension to the back yard!

Thanks Atera Spas!

The Shapiro Family
Glendale, Arizona



Hi Cindy & the Atera Team,

I am so sorry it has taking me so long to write to you. I won’t bore you with the details, but is has been a challenging and busy couple of months for me. Nevertheless I should have written this letter much sooner.

First off, I want to thank you for sending the hand wand. It really demonstrates you and your company's integrity and approach to customer service.

We absolutely LOVE our Atera AnyTemp DL8-69 Spa! We have owned 3 other spas in our past and nothing comes close to it. I would tell anyone looking for a spa that Atera Spas are the only way to go. We use ours on a regular basis and it is the centerpiece of our desert oasis where we can unwind at the end of a long day. And have COOL water in our summer oasis!

Being in Arizona, we have a lot of family and friends visit us. I always tell them that our spa is the absolute best spa they have ever seen or been in. While they initially are skeptical of my claim, once they experience the spa for themselves they readily and heartily agree with me. Please consider us raving Atera Spa fans and customers for life.

It was a pleasure doing business with you and thank you for crafting such an amazing American invention!

Enclosed are a couple of pictures.


Tim Brady

Scottsdale, Arizona


February 20, 2014

Dear everyone at Atera Spas,

We want to thank you for all your help choosing the perfect spa for us, the AnyTemp CTS8 certainly fits the bill.  We’ve had several hot tubs over the years and everyone in our family agrees this has been by far the best overall experience.  

Having the ability to keep the water 80-85 degrees all summer was truly amazing and allowed us all to continue to use it year round.  In the past we’ve shut down all our other hot tubs once the summer temperatures reached above 90 degrees since sitting in 100 degree water was not much fun when it’s already hot out.  Your cooling system worked flawlessly and it was surprisingly economical as well.

In the past we have always used chlorine or bromine to purify our water but always struggled with keeping everything in line.  We don’t know how your choice water enzyme treatment works but it certainly does the job and couldn’t be easier.  We have not had to drain it since we installed it last summer and since we are experiencing a drought here every drop of water saved helps.

Thank you for always being very responsive to our calls and answering all our questions during the initial start up phase.   We have already sent you several new customers that have also purchased from you and one of them got a cold and hot swim spa.  We’ve been invited over by our friends to try it and we’ll do so next time we’re visiting with them in Oklahoma.

Please feel free to use as a referral at any time and thanks again for inventing a great year round therapy spa, my old sore muscles appreciate it as does my wife’s arthritis. 

Dan Cornwell & Family (all five of us)
Livingston, Texas


May 21, 2014

Dear Atera Spas,

We are indeed pleased to take this opportunity to comment on our experience with the Atera Spa group, during the selection, purchase, delivery, installation and fine tuning of our new Atera Anytemp Spa. Our experience began with Josh Reynolds in the sales showroom. He was extremely articulate and answered all of our questions expertly and thoroughly.

In every phase of the transaction the Atera group demonstrated superb familiarity with their products and the considerations needed to bring the installation to peak performance. It was of no surprise when we learned that the founder of the company, Mr. Charles Reynolds, was also the designer/inventor of the cold & hot equipment system. The confidence that all the family members have in his creation is obvious. This was shown when Mr. Reynolds personally came with his plant manager Nathan Reynolds to trouble shoot an error made by the electrical contractor. Within hours the system was working perfectly. We were not made to wait weeks or days to be sure that the system was operative.

The members of the Reynolds Family set the gold standard as people with whom to do business. One will not find better.

Tom and Bonnie Koenig
Anthem, Arizona


January 20, 2014

Hello Everyone at Atera AnyTemp Spas,

We are loving our new (AnyTemp DL69) spa!  We hoped that the spa would create a place where our
16 year old son and his friends like to hang out and those hopes have come true! 

Weekends, afterschool and after games our house is a central place for them to hang out and they all love the spa! 

On this cold, snowy day, where better to be than warming up in the spa? 

 I can only imagine how refreshing and nice it will be on a hot Carolina day to cool off in the spa! 
Thanks Atera AnyTemp Spas!

Lisa Currier
Charlotte, North Carolina



Dear Josh & Atera Spas,

In just two words I would describe owning your swim spa as “outrageously fantastic.”

I’m proud to own the Fitness model swim spa and I use it every day since I can’t walk a lot anymore due to osteoarthritis. I exercise in it, soak in it and just sit and dream in it and at 70 years old I immediately felt the positive changes to my body.

The exercise really makes a difference in my flexibility and when I’m in it my body pain disappears. I’ve kept it 102 all winter and it’s been perfect. It’s wonderful to have increased mobility and a lot less pain!

Working with you has been a pleasure once again since this is the second spa I’ve purchased from you. The first one was your smallest model hot tub and I also used it every day except there was not room to swim and exercise like in the swim spa that I enjoy now.

Thanks again for this wonderful relaxing spa.

Michelle Laidier

Cave Creek, Arizona


July 26, 2013

Dear Charles and Cindy,

We want to thank you and everyone at Atera AnyTemp Spas for being so patient and understanding with us during the process of diagnosing and repairing the damage to our chiller and PC board, a result of our electrician’s miss-wiring of our spa.

We never thought we would actually be able to repair everything ourselves but you promptly sent us all the parts you thought we would need and talked us through the entire process. After spending several hours on the phone this week with Charles, we finally have the chiller working properly, producing the COLD water that we so desired during these hot and humid summer months.

We have never dealt with such helpful, kind, and honest people before. You are all a prime testimony that good trustworthy people do still exist, even today.

We believe that your integrity and very simple honest business practices are an essential ingredient to your company’s success.

We also want to encourage anyone that may be considering purchasing an Atera AnyTemp Spa to call us for a personal verbal recommendation. All anyone needs to do is simply email me at and I will respond with my phone number.

Thanks again for everything!

Joe and Erica Kaminski
Innsbrook, Missouri
Customers for life!


July 17, 2013


Atera Spas
6306 W. Bell Rd.
Glendale, AZ 85308

Dear Joshua,

Jan and I would like to thank you for introducing us to The Atera Spas with “AnyTemp” technology. We have been using Hot Tubs for over 30 years and have never experienced the pleasure we have with our
Atera Spa.

Your no chemical approach makes it very easy to maintain the spa at a very low cost. Also, the quality of the water is constant and pleasurable.
We have enjoyed working with you and your Mom and Dad through the whole process of buying the spa, installing it, and enjoying it every day.

Please feel free to use us as a satisfied customer if a prospective customer wants feedback on your spas and your company.

We look forward to working with you in the future for all our spa needs.

Yours truly,g

Gil & Jan Z.
Sun City West, Arizona 85375




6306 W. Bell Rd.
Glendale, Arizona 85308


Dear Everyone at Atera Spas:

            We just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much we like our Atera VS7-35 Spa.  We have a pretty secluded hillside and great view of the mountains to the South of us and the view from our spa sometimes makes it feel like we are in mountains of Colorado.  Often we darken the back porch and the house completely and count satellites while we enjoy the evening in our spa.  We think the most we ever counted in one evening is eleven individual satellites!  When it’s cold, raining or snowing, we often go out for a day-spa and enjoy the steam rising off the spa water.  When it’s hot, we go in our spa at night and enjoy a refreshing cool down.  We think it’s been three years since we purchased our spa from you but, really, we have lost count.
            Besides that we use our spa several times each week, probably the most important aspect for us is that it is chemical free and we aren’t exposed to bromine or chlorine every time we use it.  The maintenance is pretty easy and it drains and re-fills quickly enough that we can fully service, drain, rinse & re-fill it in time for using it the same day. 

            We are proud to own our Atera Spa and show it off to people when they visit.  Loaded with kids or loaded with grownups, or just the three of us enjoying quiet times, we always have a great time in our spa.

            Thank you again and we look forward to stopping by just to say hello next time we are in the Valley.  Of course, if you are ever in Globe, give us a visit.


            John & Tiina Perlman


February 10, 2013

Josh, Chuck and Cynthia,

Thanks so much for the support in setting up my new hot tub. I had been looking for a tub for a long time and loved the concept of being able to use it in all of the seasons we have here in the Carolinas. From the very beginning of our discussions, I have been impressed.

What struck me the most as a rookie hot tub owner was the patience and support you gave me during the process. You answered my questions quickly and guided me through the setup. Not only is the tub built to the highest of standards, you back that up by being there every step of the way.

My wife and I are getting a great deal of enjoyment out of using the tub now in the winter. We really look forward to getting a lot of use out of it when the weather turns hot.

Thanks again for your great support!!

Clif Armstrong



Hi Chuck:

I am thoroughly enjoying my spa. I have worked out how to use the center area for my exercise program and then get in the seat for the lower back to relax the muscles. HOW SPOILED IS THAT?

I keep learning new things about it weekly. I expect to one day be in it and have it start talking to me. All joking aside, it is a marvelous machine.

The electrician that did the installation work told me he had installed a lot of spas but this was the finest he had ever seen. What a compliment for your hard work. Also, I would like to mention that your being there for any questions I have had has been wonderful as I am an artist and not mechanical at all.

So thanks for all your hard work. I am sending a picture of it on my I phone.

Thanks again,g

Mary Lou O.
Keller, Texas



To Everyone at Atera Spas,

We wanted to let you know that we adore our Atera Spa.

There are so many attributes that our Atera Spa has that we adore. We live in Key West, Florida where six months out of the year we can swim in the 80 degree plus crystal clear tropical waters. But after a hard day’s work and sometimes after a great long swim there is nothing as wonderful as a foot or back massage in the spa. What a kickback relax!

No chemical chlorine stink, no shower after the soak and no dry skin from the chemicals like ordinary spas. It is so easy to maintain. A year later we can truly say that our Atera Spa is the one toy that is all joy and no work.

I'm small and the cover is really easy to use. The manual easy lift makes it a piece of cake to open.

The step stairs are so stable I want one for the kitchen. We use it for the boat when the tide is extra high. It never wobbles or makes one feel unstable.

And the customer service is what I expect from my employees, service any business owner would be pleased with.

Thanks for all the fun!
The Franks


Dear Chuck and Team,

I absolutely LOVE my two Atera AnyTemp Spas. Yes, I have two of them side by side! One is COLD PLUNGE and one is HOT SPA. I use them every single night for therapy purposes. I am a guitarist and I use my arms and back a lot when I'm performing and I was having huge problems with my joints and muscle stiffness.

Since using my Atera Spas, I am much more able to perform without pain and my stiff muscles and joints are a thing of the past! I only wish I could take them on tour with me! I don't even want to leave home anymore! I am totally addicted to your spas!

I maintain one spa at 104 degrees and the other at 64 degrees. The hot/cold hydrotherapy is a miracle worker. That 40 degree span is one of the keys to health and longevity in my opinion. The immune system is so much stronger when exposed to hydrotherapy like this.

If anyone out there does not know about this, well, you SHOULD KNOW! HOT/COLD HYDROTHERAPY can make a marked difference in your quality of life!

I spend five minutes in the hot and then about three minutes in the cold. I do this 3-4 times in a row and I feel wonderful afterwards. I always do this prior to sleep and I sleep soundly and I wake feeling rested everyday now.

This is one of life's great gifts. I cannot properly put into words the wonderful benefits to my health that these Atera Spas have made.

You are hereby CONGRATULATED on your awesome invention and your high quality products! I know you had to "carry water" developing these wonderful spas. Chuck, I know it took a long time to perfect your AnyTemp System but you have done something great for mankind!

I am so elated that I now have on my patio, overlooking my beautiful lake, one of life's great gifts of health...Atera AnyTemp Spas.

Peace and Blessings Always,




To whom it may concern,

When we decided to invest in a spa and completed all the online research, we narrowed the brand list to three. We then sent out feeler emails and Atera Spas responded without hesitation.

All our questions were answered promptly by everyone via phone and emails. I own a business and know how important customer service is to ensure business success. We then purchased a DL8-69 model.

From the time our spa was being built to our specifications, with the options Chuck suggested, Josh was even kind enough to provide his cell phone number to make sure we could contact him over the weekend with further questions we had.

Josh talked us through the entire start-up phase with the spa, always providing competent, knowledgeable information. In my humble opinion the exceptional customer service that Josh provided will ensure Atera's continued success.

The DL8-69, double no float lounge spa is huge and the jets are fantastic. The water is chemical free, no shower required when we get out, unlike every other spa we have been in that uses chemicals. Our skin
feels smooth and soft after every use and we love the fact that we won’t be draining and refilling every three months.

We live on an island, on Canada's east coast of Newfoundland and had to travel to Maine, USA to pick up the spa. Even with the cost of travel the price was significantly cheaper than the other high quality spas we considered.

We made a good purchasing decision and we love our spa. Doing business, thousands of miles away, with Atera Spas has been a pleasure. Pictures of our completed project will be sent to Atera Spas soon.


Ken H.
Newfoundland, Canada


Garth & Debbie Chapman

Chestermere Alberta
Invermere BC
Goodyear, Arizona

Date: April 6, 2013

To: Charles Reynolds
Four Seasons Leisure-Atera AnyTemp Spas
6306 W. Bell Rd.
Glendale, AZ 85308

Re: Our new Atera Spa experience

Charles, we have owned various acrylic hot tubs since 1986, and so have a wide experience with them. We currently own two other large top-model hot tus made by two of the leading manufacturers in North America. So when we found our product we quickly learned that your business operates on a different model, one that we have come to appreciate.

We came to your store for a spa for our new home in Goodyear AZ, and in dealing with Joshua we quickly realized we were dealing with a family owned business that seemed to us very much like the small town businesses we grew up with in Albert, so we found that to be a good fit for us. We bought a VS7 with 35 jets, and in making a deal with Joshua, we found that we could mix and match the components as many items are virtually plug and play. In the end we bought a spa that does more for less.

We have had the spa for nearly three months now, and we are in it almost every night. Your after sale service and support has turned out to be easy and helpful, especially as we have called a few times with questions about your no chemical enzyme Choice Water management system. This is new to us, and we hope to be able to import it back to our other two spas so we can convert them away from using chemicals to manage the water.

Charles, we especially appreciate how Josh always has a ready answer for our queries, and when needed a service call was arranged in minutes. We also appreciate that when we called to ask some design and operational questions that you turned that into a feedback session where we talked about what we thought you could do to further improve your product.

Best Regards,

Garth & Debbie Chapman



Bienvenidos a Mexico!

We are enjoying our Atera Spa almost daily in Sunny San Carlos, Mexico. The Choice Water Treatment system is nothing less than truly amazing. We filled the spa at the end of October and the water is still as fresh today as it was 5 months ago. The PH and alkalinity have been spot on all year without any additions of any other chemicals.

When you ship your next spa to Mexico, we suggest that your client purchases the breaker from you as they are hard to come by here and the wiring down here is a little different from the States.


Judy and Al Kohut.



As long as I can remember, I've wanted a hot tub. When I decided to make the purchase, I researched and analyzed every tub on the market.

What sold me on an Atera Spa was the fact that the tub has a chiller feature, it is chlorine free, and it was manufactured in the U.S.A. Dealing with the Reynolds' family was an added bonus. Whenever I had a question about our tub regarding ordering, shipping, and maintenance, all I needed to do was pick up the phone and call; Josh Reynolds continues to provide the extra step toward attentive customer service.

We're going into our second season and my only complaint is that we don't have the time to get in the tub more! The chiller feature is a tremendous asset since living in Atlanta proves to have more hot days than cold, and there's nothing more refreshing than relaxing in a cool tub on a hot day.

We really enjoy the size and jets of the Atera model DL8-69. As a 5'2" lady, I love the female lounger while my 6' husband enjoys the male lounger; a lot of care went into the design of this spa. I like that the enzyme drops take care of the spa - it's continuously sparkling clean and my bathing suits (and hair) don't fade!

Having a tub manufactured in the U.S.A. gives me a sense of pride knowing that my purchase keeps America working.

Our family and friends love our Atera AnyTemp Spa; I highly recommend this tub!g

Cheryl C.
Atlanta, Georgia



Hello Cindy at Atera AnyTemp Spas,

Enclosed is a photo of our new AnyTemp DL8-69 we are now enjoying every evening under the stars. Your product is very well manufactured, with high quality craftsmanship and very creative features.

This past summer we had record high temperatures (around 105 degrees) for a long period of time, and wish we had purchased your spa prior to the heat wave, with the option to cool the water down to a refreshing 65 degrees.

Also, the two no float lounges in the spa are the perfect setting for relaxation and conversation, something rare in today's world with too many distractions (TV, phones, computers, etc...)

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been in a pool or spa and felt all the chemicals attacking our skin and sense of smell? It’s great that this is not the case by using the natural Choice Water spa treatment. It leaves our skin soft and refreshed and we’ll enjoy the low maintenance of only annual water changes.

The multiple jet adjustments allow us to focus on any part of our body, giving us a complete massage, daily, from neck to toe.

We will highly recommend your spa to family and friends.

Thank you!

Greg & Renee J.
Belleville, Illinois


August 8, 2012

Atera AnyTemp Spas
Glendale, AZ

Dear Chuck & the Atera Team,

We are writing to let you know how happy we are with our AnyTemp spa!

The therapy jets are very powerful and invigorating, and all the seats are well-positioned and comfortable. The LED lighting and adjustable waterfalls make it even more luxurious. And we love the maintenance-free recycled milk jug siding material.

Our previous spa had fewer, less powerful jets and uncomfortable seating and the wood siding needed to be re-stained and repaired every few years.

Our Atera AnyTemp Spa has exceeded our expectations! All of our friends are jealous! We heartily recommend your spas and your excellent service.

Thank you for a wonderful sales experience and a fantastic home therapy spa!

Best Regards,

Rich & Debbie Pearson-Butler
Peoria, AZ



Dear Atera AnyTemp Spas Team,
We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate how pleased we are with our Atera AnyTemp “Chiller” Spa.  The massaging therapy jets and low maintenance natural water treatment makes owning it a healthy year round destination.

We are always treated friendly and professionally by all of your staff and we would definitely refer anyone interested in a spa to your company.


The Scott & Lori Andrews
Anthem, Arizona


June 6, 2012

Dear Chuck & Cindy,

We just want to let you know how much we enjoy our spa. The therapy jets have worked wonders on my back and have helped greatly reduce my discomfort over the winter. My physical therapist was impressed with the three different seats of jets that we have in our unit to target the different areas of our back, neck and shoulders.

Now that the Arizona summer is here, we love the chiller feature, having a cool way to unwind after a hard day at work or just to sit back and relax in cool comfort on the weekend.

We wholeheartedly recommend Atera AnyTemp Spas to anyone looking to purchase a home therapy spa.

Best regards,

Wes & Frances Grunden


May 16, 2012

Four Seasons Leisure
Atera AnyTemp Spas & Hot Tubs
6306 W Bell Rd.
Glendale, AZ 85308

Dear Atera Spas Family:

We've had our CTS8-44 for a few months now and my wife and I just love it.

We moved down to Phoenix last year from Flagstaff and missed our old hot tub. I immediately started doing research on exactly what I could get for my money. I looked at every brand and went to many stores. I was always hesitant to buy, because I felt like they were so expensive. I even looked at used spas. I eventually found Atera and fell in love with the product. They had the best quality, design, they had the best warranty, and even offered this novel product that chilled the water. Living in Phoenix, Arizona during the hot summers, I saw that with the Atera product, I could get much more use out of my hot tub. This would give me a better value for my money. Still, I was hesitant to buy. I felt like Atera offered the premium product and, justifiably so, charged a premium price. I delayed my purchase, but left my information at Four Seasons.

About 6 months later I got a call from Atera, letting me know that they had a slightly used spa (1 year old) that had been exchanged for a new spa as well as a brand new spa that had some cosmetic defects that they would be willing to offer a discount on. I immediately got my wife and we made the trip to the show room to take a look at the two spas. When we got there, another customer was signing papers on the slightly used spa, so I looked at the new spa with the cosmetic defects. The flaws were very minor and Chuck gave me a good discount. I was sold.

Now that we've been enjoying the spa for a few months and the temperature outside has been rising and the temperature in our spa has been dropping, my wife and I know we made the right decision. In fact, looking back, I wouldn't mind paying the full price for the spa. We also love the low maintenance of the spa. No stinky chlorine and a weekly wash of the filters keeps things going.

Anyone else who may be looking at a spa, consider the value of the product you're buying, not just the price.

Thanks Atera!


Thomas & Erin


May 15, 2012

Dear Atera Spas Team,

We are very happy we decided to purchase your AnyTemp DL8 Spa. We use it almost every day!

With Josh's design assistance we installed it half way in the ground and still have internal access if ever required. We think it turned out perfect and wanted you to see the final pictures.

We love the CHILLER feature that allows us to enjoy a cool refreshing massage all summer in the scorching heat. Congratulations on inventing a logical year round option to a seasonal pool or hot tub!

The overall product design and adjustable therapeutic function of the spa is fantastic and we love having a spa that needs such little time and money spent on maintenance.

The all natural water cleaning system is simple to use and we like not feeling like we need a shower to get the chemicals off of us after each use. We sure don't miss the smell of bromine!

Doing business with you has been a pleasure! Please use us as a referral at every opportunity!


Ted Manos


January 26 2012

Dear Chuck,

We want to thank you for all that you have done for us. There are many benefits in having a Atera AnyTemp Spa compared to other Spas out there. We feel the biggest one is the ANY TEMP feature, especially when you live in Arizona. The other one is no chemicals, when you get out our skin is soft and does not dry out. Our spa is always very clean and the water is crystal clear.

We use are spa to help with pain and to relax. The way the spa is designed it works on all parts of our body which is great, especially my favorite seat that works on my neck and shoulders. Atera AnyTemp Spas was the only place that had this benefit that fits your shoulder and neck well.

We also love that the outside cabinet is maintenance free and that we had many colors to choose from. The other great thing about having an Atera AnyTemp Spa is it's family owned and has been in business for many years.

Again we want to thank you for what you have done to make Atera AnyTemp Spas a great product. We have sent some pictures so you can see how it looks in our yard.

Joe & Anne Marie Kryzak



Dear Josh,

I just wanted to let you and everyone at Atera Spas know how much I love my new swim spa. Not a day goes by that I can't find time to exercise and swim in the privacy of my own backyard.

It's so convenient right outside my back door. And I'm thrilled that the water temperature is always perfect regardless of the outdoor temperature. I especially enjoy swimming all winter long and I equally enjoy having a cool oasis I can head to during the hot summer months. It's already been 112!

Not having to use chlorine or chemicals is fantastic and having no smell or chemical residue is a great feature. My hair has not turned even a little green like it does in chlorinated pools.

The Atera Swim Spa has been a great fun investment in my health and has been worth every penny spent. We were especially thrilled to learn that we could purchase directly from the factory without paying retail prices.

Although we had to wait a little longer for delivery than we would have liked, it was certainly worth the short wait to save thousands of dollars while still getting a high quality American made product.

It was a pleasure doing business with your company and please feel free to use us as a referral at any time.


Patty P.
Scottsdale, AZ


Sept. 12, 2011

To Whom It May Concern,

We would like to recommend the Atera Hot/Cold Spa to anyone who would enjoy a great relaxing year round experience. We have enjoyed our Atera Spa almost every day since our purchase a year ago.

I have degenerative disc in my lower back and going into the spa for custom therapy after a long day really helps to relax my muscles and relieve the pain.

It's great to be able to lower the temperature in the heat of the summer and still enjoy our spa when it's 115 degrees outside. Other's we know with a hot tub only stop using it in the summer since their water temperature is too hot to be comfortable and enjoy.

The maintenance of our spa is very simple and we really like the fact that we do not use any chemicals. It's a much more pleasant experience not having the smell of chemicals while we are in the spa trying to relax.

This spa has been a great investment and worth every penny we paid for it and we'd be happy to speak with anyone considering the purchase of an Atera Spa.


Steve and Pamela Bledsoe
Peoria, Arizona


November 11, 2011

Atera AnyTemp® Spas & Hot Tubs
6306 W. Bell Rd. Glendale, Arizona 85308

Dear Atera Team,

I did extensive research on all spas before purchasing the AnyTemp DL8-69 from you and I am very pleased with the quality and features I now have the pleasure of experiencing daily first hand.

Your help and guidance through each step of the process from selecting the right spa for me to finding a local spa installer to complete the delivery and handle future maintenance of my new spa was amazing.

Needless to say, I am very pleased with my choice and your professional assistance.

I would highly recommend your company to everyone looking for the best spas available and your exclusive perfect temperature year round water experience.

Thanks again!

Sincerely yours,

J. Coleman
Palmetto, FL



Dear Atera AnyTemp Spa Friends,

Just a quick note to confirm and let you know that after 5 years, we enjoy our spa as much as the day we got it up and running.

As retirees, we want life to be simple, and that's what we got with this spa. No chemicals, little maintenance and lots of daily pleasure!

Here in Arizona, we enjoy the chiller as much as the heater. We run it at 103 in the cool months and a refreshing 93 when the temps here exceed 100.

We're the envy of our friends who have conventional, seasonal hot tub spas and we're happy to have no pool or pool maintenance expenses.

We're very happy we found you and recommend you and your products to all who may be interested!

Larry & Joan Val
Surprise, Az



Dear Atera Team,

We love our Atera AnyTemp Spa! Finally no more chlorine smell and the water feels soft and doesn't dry out our skin. Our water is always crystal clear!

We also love it because we can use it all year long. We "cool" the water down for use in our hot summer months using the chiller system. This spa is also very easy to maintain!!

Debbie & Chet Bockstedtg
Tucson, Arizona


August 25, 2011

Dear Atera Spa Team:

WE purchased our Atera AnyTemp Spa in December of 2009. The spa was built and delivered in Febuary of 2010. The date and time of delivery was set. The spa delivery, the crane operator and the placement of the spa was incredibly smooth, efficient and exactly on time.

We had plenty of time to have our patio floor prepared prior to the spa delivery.

The folks at Atera Spas gave us the necessary power/electrical requirements ahead of time. We had an electrical contractor do the work exactly to Atera specifications.

We chose the Atera AnyTemp Spa for several reasons: the spa was built with the features we wanted; our spa has a water chiller that allows us to cool the water during the hot Arizona months; and finally service after the sale. Cindy, Chuck and Josh have a great business and product, and are the nicest people I have ever dealt with.


R.Van Alstine
Glendale, AZ



Dear Everyone at Atera AnyTemp Spas:

We have had out hot tub/spa for 8 months now. It was by chance we found your store. Last November we were starting to look for a hot tub here in Arizona. We had enjoyed a hot tub in South Dakota many years and had started checking with the name brand tubs we were familiar with. When we saw your store on the way to one of your competitors we decided to stop in and see what this any temp spa place was all about.

Josh Reynolds spent a good amount of time explaining your company's experience in the business and the unique features really impressed us that day - no chlorine or bromine - a chiller to keep the hot tub at a useable temperature even in the hot Arizona summers. But we still were not sure so kept checking other options. Your product was competitively priced and yet had the chiller and no chemical feature that impressed us. We sat in your model tub and appreciate the well laid out tub and great quantity and quality of jets.

You promised to get it delivered to us before Christmas as our kids and grandkids were coming down for a week. Everything was delivered and set up as promised. It was a great addition for the whole family over Christmas week. It took a couple weeks for me to learn and adjust to not using chemicals and using the clear choice product. But after I got used to how that worked - everything has been just as advertised. I love to use the hot tub first thing in the morning and then do my stretching before I start the day.

I wasn't sure how the chiller would work - but it keeps the temperature I set no matter how hot the Arizona summer gets. It is economical to run and my skin feels much better than the old chorine/bromine/ozone days.

I can easily say this product works as advertised and that your staff is knowledgeable and helpful and keeps its word.

Have a blessed weekend,

Steve Jankord
Sun City Grand
Surprise, AZ



Dear Chuck & Staff,

I wanted to take an opportunity to "thank you'' for delivering to me the best spa made in America!

As you remember, I researched almost every spa on the market over a two year period.

I gave Atera Spas high ratings for:

  1. the ability to cool and heat the spa within an approximate 30 degree air to water variance.

  2. the soft and contemporary design as I wanted a spa that would blend in the environment and not be over pronounced when entering the yard.

  3. the well developed location and placement of the jets so that each seat is especially designed to treat a different area of the neck, back and hips.

  4. each jet has a valve so each can be adjusted to the amount of flow that is suitable to our needs

  5. there is enough room to do water exercises, that I do daily

  6. the LED lights and water fall are more than relaxing to watch, they're almost hypnotic

  7. entrance and exiting design of the spa limits the possibility of a fall

  8. the ease of set-up was terrific and maintenance with Atera's Choice treatment is almost care free

  9. your friendly service and quick response time to my needs continues to ensure me that I made the right decision

  10. the spa is FUN!

After several months now I am still in the spa, twice sometimes three times a day and night. I can take the cover off and back on by myself.

I like the automatic shut-offs and the temperature adjustment is so rapid and efficient. My electric bill increased about $20. a month, which is very reasonable considering my neighbors with pools carry an extra $45 to $50 a month for their pools, and that is without heat.

After use of the spa, I find my chronic leg and back pain are less pronounced and at times not present.

Thanks again! I was very fortunate to find such a caring individual to help me with the entire process.

I will be happy to speak to anyone who might be considering your spa as I only receive good things from it.


Kenn Stevenson




We have now settled in with our new Atera Spa, and we love it! We've had no trouble with it whatsoever and your helpful advice on how to keep the water clear and fresh using your enzyme system has been most forthcoming. Of course, we expected this since our entire experience with Atera Spas and you has been an easy one. All things have taken place on time and just as promised.

I must admit that I was apprehensive about ordering a spa from Arizona sight unseen to be shipped to the Panhandle of Florida but our experience could not have gone smoother, thanks to your care and timely attention to the details.

We have installed the Spa on our screened-in back porch which has morphed into our Spa Room. Instead of enclosing our porch with two by fours and drywall we opted to have a local sail and awning company do canvas and clear plastic window panels inside the screening. We also installed storm doors so that in hot weather we have an enclosed space that is air conditioned with a highly efficient, "mini-split" LG system.

On one canvas wall panel we commissioned a tropical oil painting. The other major wall panel with the huge 'picture window' was installed with an electronic open and closing system. In fair weather the wall rolls up, disappearing and leaving only the screen between us and our lovely backyard. All this is shown in the attached photos.

Thanks for playing such a large and important part in making this dream become a reality!

Best regards,

Jack and Victoria Betz
Miramar Beach, FL



Dear Atera AnyTemp Spas,

We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy our Atera AnyTemp CTS8 therapy spa! We received it in September of 2009 and use it almost daily.

Also, we really appreciated the personal attention and time spent by your staff, especially Chuck, when we first inquired about the AnyTemp Spas. You were also very helpful while we were learning how to use the All Natural Atera's Choice Water Treatment no chemical system.

It's hard to believe that a company owner would spend the time he took to assist us but it was greatly appreciated!

The AnyTemp CTS8 spa is obviously the top quality! There is clearly nothing cheap about it. You can tell some great thought and experience went into the entire design, components and materials chosen.

We like that the CTS8 spa has various "stations" that focus on certain parts of your body. As you move from one station to the next you feel like and know you're getting complete body therapy.

The biggest selling point was the available variable temperature range. We'd previously never heard of such a thing but we're very glad we found you online. We keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer and it's always perfect. What a great idea and design!

Thanks for crafting such wonderful American made product and please feel free to use us as a referral whenever you like.

Your very happy customers,g

Joe & Mary-Heather R.
Plattsville, Alabama



Dear Atera Spas,

I purchased your Atera AnyTemp Spa model DL8-69 that we built a beautiful deck around.

I'm writing you to let you know I'll be happy to sing your praises!

Please add me to the referral list.

I have already been talking your company up to my friends who come over. They are amazed at how big and how comfortable your DL8 Spa is and no one floats out of the loungers.

The Atera's Choice Water Treatment is amazing and I love not needing chemicals of any kind.

Just have anyone who wants to talk to me call me and thanks for crafting such a wonderful therapy spa system!

Max Tooker


July 9, 2010

To Whom It May Concern, I have owned my Atera AnyTemp Spa since February 2009. The Atera AnyTemp Spa is the fifth spa that I have owned and I believe it is superior to any other for the following reasons:

I have had no maintenance issues with my Atera spa.

The spa is located outside our bedroom patio doors and is quiet enough to not disturb us.

The system of separate pumps operating for each station along with the spa therapy pumps not running continually contributes to a lower energy use to operate the spa.

The quality of therapy is amazing. It seems to have been designed to provide the correct massaging pressure to all different parts of our body.

Whenever I have has questions on use or operation, calls have been returned quickly and information required always provided.

The Atera's Choice Water Treatment enzymes work very well and prevent the terrible bromine odor that I had with all other spas.

The fact that the Atera spa offers their AnyTemp technology is a major plus in Florida.

I would not hesitate to recommend the Atera spa to anyone considering the purchase of a home spa.

Yours truly,

Penny W.
The Villages, FL 32162



Dear All at Four Seasons Leisure,

Your new invention is the perfect answer to the Texas heat! We are always looking forward to a refreshing dip in the cool massaging water of our Atera Any Temperature Spa.

The lighting system is spectacular and the jet power is amazing. We can hardly believe the cabinet is made out of recycled milk bottles and the brown color we chose matches everything. The beautiful blue acrylic shell we chose makes the tub even more inviting.

And when the crisp cool weather of winter returns, the spa turns back into a hot tub giving us year round enjoyment and therapy. We're so glad we found your company on the internet and we appreciate all your prompt service and support. Attached is a photo of my wife Regina relaxing in the spa, as she does quite often.

Keep up the great work building high quality spas in America and we'll keep spreading the word about your incredible invention. Also, please don't hesitate to use us as a referral when necessary. We'll be telling all our family and friends in New York City about our new spa when we next visit and I'm sure you'll be getting more orders from the Big Apple.

Thanks again,g

Alan & Regina Hausler



Four Seasons Leisure
Atera AnyTemp Spas
& Hot Tubs
6306 W. Bell Rd.
Glendale, AZ 85308

Dear Cindy & Chuck,

I am writing to tell you how happy I am with my new DL8-69 spa. The craftsmanship is excellent and I am very pleased with all the features. The Atera's Choice Water Treatment is amazing and I love the fact that I do not have to use bromine. The environmentally friendly cabinet matches my deck and furniture extremely well. I am also enjoying the hand held jet that you recommended. It has been a joy to work with you and everyone at Four Seasons has been extremely responsive and helpful anytime I have had a question.

I did extensive research prior to purchasing my Atera Spa and I would highly recommend an Atera Spa to anyone who is in the market for a spa. Feel free to use my referral on your web site and thanks again!


Bob Richard
Manassas, VA


June 29, 2010

Dear Everyone at Atera AnyTemp Spas,

We purchased your Atera AnyTemp CTS8-44 System 3 years ago and absolutely love it! We thoroughly enjoy having it warm in winter and cool in the summer and best of all not needing chemicals of any kind with the Atera Choice Water Treatment. I highly recommend Four Seasons Spa Village and Atera AnyTemp Spas to all my friends and family. Thanks for inventing and crafting such a wonderful spa! Feel free to use us as a referral whenever you like.

Keith and Kimg
Phoenix, AZ


April 4, 2010

To whom it may concern,

We purchased our Atera Spa almost a year ago and we love it! I am an athlete with back problems and have had two shoulder surgeries within the last year and it is wonderful for relieving all my aches and pains.

A few years ago before we moved to Arizona we owned a Sundance spa and the biggest issue we had with that spa was the chemicals. So when we found out how easy the Atera Spas are to maintain it made our decision to buy one that much easier. We have a loaded CTS8-44 model with three therapy pumps, the waterfalls, CD Player and both lighting packages and we couldn't be happier.

We covered it with a nice gazebo and it has made a great addition to our backyard and will give us enjoyment for years to come.

We would highly recommend doing business with Atera Spas and are pleased to be a referral whenever necessary.

Gary and Patricia Gardner
Litchfield Park, AZ


Sent: 4/27/2010

Subject: Please use me as a referral for your Atera AnyTemp Spas!

To: Everyone @ Four Seasons Atera AnyTemp Spas

As you know, the Phoenix summers can even defeat the refreshing power of a full size pool. Add to that the expense of maintaining such a pool and you understand why my husband and I were looking for an alternative.

Four Seasons Atera AnyTemp Spas had the answer! It's a truly unique spa with the ability to maintain the water at our perfect, comfortable temperature all year round.

Everyone was friendly and easy to deal with. The spa was ready and installed as promised. It was a pleasure doing business with them and we've been enjoying our spa for almost a year now. It has fully met all our expectations and then some!

I would highly recommend Atera AnyTemp Spas and Four Seasons Leisure to everyone. Feel free to contact me if we can be of any assistance!

Thanks for inventing such a wonderful product.


Viv Andersen



Hello Everyone at Four Season Atera AnyTemp Spas,

We have had our Atera AnyTemp Spa and fireplace set up for almost two years now and we love it!

We used the cooling feature of the spa for the first time last summer and it was so well worth having. Sixty two degrees is SUPER cold and in the hot summers wow what a relief! Having a pool seemed like way too much work, so that is why we decided to go the hot and cool tub route. We are so glad we did!

The jets are UNBELIEVABLE, they are so strong and therapeutic. I have not needed to go get a massage from the masseuse as often as I was. It is a wonderful feeling at the end of the day to hop into this spa and just relax.

The entire set up is great for parties and guest gatherings. We have used the fireplace for making somores many times in the winter.

This was such a great investment for us and we couldn't be happier....Thanks so much for your service and support!

Please have anyone you like contact us. You'll be highly recommended.

Very happy clients,

Allyson Sturgeon and Jeff Hinton



To the great guys at Four Season Atera Spas,

I am sending this letter to thank you for your help in purchasing my spa. You were very patient and informative. After speaking to you for about an hour I went from knowing nothing about spas to being a very informed consumer.

You showed me each of the models within my price range without ever pressuring me to go with any specific model. I would also like to thank you for taking me seriously in my request in purchasing a spa (which I did NOT get up the street at a national pools/spa competitor).

After speaking with you I did look around and went to other locations selling major brands but in the end I went back to where I felt I would be appreciated and were the product quality was unsurpassed.

I would also like to thank Chuck and the rest of his staff as well. I have received nothing but the best customer service and never once was treated like I was asking stupid questions.

They walked me through the process of starting and setting up the spa and best of all the spa was delivered prior to the estimated shipping date.

I was referred to Four Season Atera Spas by a friend and will continue to refer Four Season Atera Spas to all of my family and friends.

You guys are the best, thanks!

Your satisfied customers,

Jeff & Nicole



Dear Josh and the Atera Spas Team:

We wanted to thank you for the outstanding experience we had purchasing our Atera AnyTemp spa from your company. This was our fifth spa purchase in approximately 25 years and we are confident that our Atera Spa is the best of the bunch.

After owning four spas, we had a very good idea of what we wanted in our next unit.

The spa had to have comfortable seating and lounges, powerful jets that offered good control and variability, a mix of jets to massage different stress points, quality construction to survive in our harsh climate and a solid company to back it all up. We found all of that and more in our Atera Spa.

During these difficult financial times, owning a spa may seem like a luxury. We tend to disagree. While it certainly is a financial investment, the payoff is better physical and mental health. As a pharmacist and from our own personal experience, we have found that just twenty minutes in the hot tub results in lower blood pressure, better blood circulation, a significant decrease in muscle tension and true stress relief.

Stepping into the hot tub is like a mini vacation we can take every day. The best part is that the actual cost is less than five dollars a day over the lifespan of the spa. Try taking a vacation for that price!

Once again, thanks for making a quality product and for standing behind what you sell. Please feel free to share this letter with your associates and to include us in your list of references.


Mitch and Linda Peretz


Wounded Warrior
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