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The world's only patented COLD to HOT Tub Spas & Swim Spas,
invented and crafted in Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.

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AnyTemp® Spa Therapy Treatment for Other Maladies

Hydrotherapy has been used to treat many, many conditions since the first person discovered a natural spring, hot or cold, thousands of years ago. Examples of chronic conditions that may benefit from hydrotherapy are:

· AcneAtera Spas help all maladies
· Anemia
· Asthma
· Bronchitis
· Bursitis
· Cancer
· Cold and flu
· Constipation
· Edema
· Heart disease
· Hypertension/hypotension
· Menstrual problems
· Migraines
· Respiratory infection
· Sinus infection
· Stress
· Tendonitis
· Most any other condition that causes stress or pain

Consider just a few of the many potential benefits when comparing hot tub spas or swim spas as a means of treating any chronic condition:

· Perfect temperature water, as prescribed, is often critical for best results
· Increases mobility of stiff joints while relaxing sore muscles
· Increases muscle strength, improving posture and balance as movement in water provides resistance
· Increases sense of wellbeing, better quality sleep and improved mood
· Increases fitness and endurance
· Reduces pain and fatigue
· Reduces weight load and impact on muscles and joints, through buoyancy, especially while exercising
· Reduces swelling and joint tenderness
· Reduces toxins in the body
· Reduces healing time for injuries

Atera AnyTemp® Spas & Hot Tubs provides additional discounts to those using our therapy spas and swim spas for medical purposes, treating the symptoms of any maladies or conditions. More than 50% of American baby boomers and seniors suffer with daily back and/or neck pain. Atera AnyTemp Spas® is proud to provide relief! Those recovering from many surgeries, especially back, hip, knee and foot, will find the process less painful and more rapid when exercising in a gravity free environment that provides perfect temperature buoyant, massaging, healing water. Thank you for allowing Atera AnyTemp® Spas the opportunity to improve the quality of your daily life!


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